A plug-and-play solar power hub that collects, converts, stores, & distributes renewable energy.

SoloGrid power hubs provide both AC & DC power, allowing the use of a wide variety of devices and appliances. Our products have been thoughtfully designed and architected — Simple, Safe, and Powerful by design.


Plug and Play

  • 24 hour automatic system start and shutdown
  • Integrated high efficiency Inverter & Charge Controller
  • Powerful Integrated LFP Battery

Multiple Power

  • 1 universal 230 Volt AC output
  • 2 x 5mm, 12V DC outputs
  • 1 Automotive Type 12V, 9A DC Output
  • 2 x 2.1A USB ports

Wide Range of System Capacities

  • Up to 1000 Watt Hours of energy per day
  • Multiple PV Panel & LFP battery configuration options

Angaza Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) Technology

Increasing access to energy for people who need to pay over time, or by energy consumption.

The industry’s first semi-customizable power hub, satisfying virtually every power supply need. The advanced product design allows for varying sizes of solar panels and battery storage options to provide a cost effective power source based on user needs.


Use the matrix below to see our recommended SoloGrid hub configurations based on power usage. Need to calculate your exact power needs? Contact us to discuss your power requirements.

System Capacity Matrix

 Solar Panel Size
100 W150 W200 W
300 W550 W800 W
SG-120200 W200 W200 W
T500 W750 W1,000 W
200 W450 W700 W
SG-130300 W300 W300 W
T500 W750 W1,000 W
100 W350 W600 W
SG-140400 W400 W400 W
T500 W750 W1,000 W
Shadowed Capacities are Recommended Configurations

ideal uses:
  • small households
  • rural schools
  • daytime small businesses

Perfect for small households, rural schools, small daytime businesses

  • 200 Watt Hours of night-time energy
  • Up to 800 Watt Hours of daytime energy

Night-time: Lights, 24” LED TV & decoder, Fan, Phone Charging, Radio or MP3 Player
Day-time: Lights, Fan, laptop or tablet charging, AC powered clippers, multiple phone charging

Choose solar panel size based on daytime power needs