Markets: Residential

Designed to provide power to millions of households without access to the electrical grid, the SoloGrid power hub enables families to use a variety of AC or DC powered devices including multiple lights, radio, fan, LED TV, digital decoders, and laptops for longer periods of time than with current home solar systems.

  • Power up to 10 lights for more productive evenings:
    • Children have more time to study
    • Families can spend more time together or socialize with friends
    • Complete chores or do extra work at night with safe bright lighting
  • Charge multiple mobile phones saving time and money
  • Enjoy news and entertainment on TV, or connect to the internet on laptops and tablets
  • Earn additional income by charging mobile phones, provide seamstress services, or barbering services


SoloGrid’s SG-120 is the recommended system setup for homes where cost and a balanced energy supply are required. View our configuration matrix for more specific wattage through our semi-customisable power hub solutions.