Markets: Medical

The SoloGrid power hub can power up to 12, 5V LED general area lights, as well as secondary task specific lighting, dramatically improving night-time care. It also provides up to 150 watts of sustained (300W Peak) pure sine wave AC power to run critical medical devices. With future generations providing up to 600 watts of AC power, more advanced care equipment can be powered.

  • Provide lighting for patients and staff, increase facility security at nighttime
  • Energy to run critical diagnostic equipment for better patient care
    • Ultrasound machines
    • Patient vital sign monitors
    • Electronic microscopes
  • Power laptops or computers to store patient information and access centralized databases via mobile data connections
  • Power fans for a more comfortable environment


Sologrid’s SG-140 is the recommended system setup for remote medical clinics that require larger amounts of night-time energy. View our configuration matrix for more specific wattage through our semi-customizable power hub solutions.