Powering the Lives of People
in Off-Grid Communities

is a new type of renewable energy company – one that seeks to empower millions of people living in off-grid communities with affordable, powerful, clean energy.

Power for Productive Use

With daily power output levels ranging from 250 Watt Hours up to 1,000 Watt Hours, SoloGrid systems provide enough energy to power homes, schools, medical clinics, small businesses and places of worship.

Focused on Technology

Engineered in California with proprietary, innovative technology, SoloGrid power hubs are designed to be simple to install and operate, and last for years in demanding environments thanks to it’s rugged yet attractive design. Learn More

Empowering Local Partners

SoloGrid is a business-to-business company, creating partnerships with local solar installers, distributors, retailers and service providers who know their customers and market demands.

By providing the latest technologies to these partners, we enable them to seek out new customers and business opportunities. Contact Us to Become a Partner



SoloGrid | Residential

SoloGrid addresses the needs of millions of people living off the grid, or on an unreliable grid with clean, safe, affordable energy More on Residential Markets


SoloGrid | Schools

The SoloGrid power hubs provide energy for lighting and enable the use of modern technologies in remote schools. More on School Markets


The SoloGrid power hub provides a simple and efficient system to meet the power requirements of rural medical clinics by providing reliable AC and DC energy. More on Medical Markets

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